Company profile

iTem is a consulting and system design company working in the Earth Sciences and Geophysics.

iTem is composed by highly experienced scientists with background in scientific research and technology.

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Our expertise

iTem offers high tech solutions for studying and monitoring natural and/or anthropic phenomena.

iTem also develops electronics, sensors, monitoring systems and software for environmental analyses.

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iTem collaborates with Univesities and Insitutes all over the world.

iTem co-operates with the Italian Department of Civil Protection for volcanic ash hazard.

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iTem will attend at the next ISSW meeting on Colorado

21 September 2016

Since Oct. 2014, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) started to test the infrasound array methodology in the framework of NIFS Project, an Interdepartmental Research Rrogram on Natural Hazards. During the next International Snow Science Workshop (ISSW, October, 3-7 2016, Breckenridge, Colorado) iTem srl toghether with NPRA, Wyssen AC and the Sogn og Fjordane University ...

iTem company has acknowledged as spin-off of the University of Firenze

20 January 2016

The diagnosis of contamination in food to prevent bullying, the geological safety for the development of biomass energy, from the design of video games for the section of the staff to the recovery in 3d of the cultural heritage and landscape, up to an avalanche warning system based on the infrasound acoustics. These are the possibilities offered by the 7 spin off of the University of ...

iTem is an SME partner in the FP7 European Project FUTUREVOLC

10 October 2013

EUROPEAN COMMISSION DIRECTORATE­GENERAL FOR RESEARCH & INNOVATION SPI­ Cooperation Collaborative project - Grant Agreement Number 308377 FUTUREVOLC A European volcanological supersite in Iceland: a monitoring system and network for the future … Partner 23: iTem s.r.l.   During the last two years iTem s.r.l. has been getting more and more involved in the topic of ...

iTem pressure sensors deployed for the Sayarim calibration experiment, Israel

22 January 2011

iTem-prs series of infrasonic sensors recorded the 100 tons TNT equivalent explosion performed in January 2011 at the Sayarim Military District (Israel) for calibration of infrasonic arrays. The pressure wave traveled for thousands of km to the east being recorded by arrays in Mongolia. The iTem infrasonic sensors were deployed and operated by the Geophysical Institute of Israele (GII) at short ...