iTem is an SME partner in the FP7 European Project FUTUREVOLC

10 October 2013



SPI­ Cooperation Collaborative project - Grant Agreement Number 308377


A European volcanological supersite in Iceland: a monitoring system and network for the future

Partner 23: iTem s.r.l.


During the last two years iTem s.r.l. has been getting more and more involved in the topic of volcanic ash detection and is currently in charge for the Italian Department of Civil Protection to modify their Pludix Doppler Radars, through improvement of sensor reliability and functionality in the field by drastically reducing power consumption, to enhance the feasibility of volcanic ash monitoring.
Main Tasks in FUTUREVOLC: Within the framework of the FUTUREVOLC project iTem s.r.l. will project and develop and build a new ash detector systems based on laser optics, able to measure the size and final velocity of ash particles. Activity of iTem s.r.l. will be mostly concentrated in WP 7, with some minor contribution to WPs 9 and 10.

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