iTem company has acknowledged as spin-off of the University of Firenze

20 January 2016

The diagnosis of contamination in food to prevent bullying, the geological safety for the development of biomass energy, from the design of video games for the section of the staff to the recovery in 3d of the cultural heritage and landscape, up to an avalanche warning system based on the infrasound acoustics.

These are the possibilities offered by the 7 spin off of the University of Florence approved in the second half of 2015, and officially presented this morning at the Campus Design Calenzano (Florence) during a meeting entitled "Design of ideas". The most popular area is scientific (Ecolgene, iTem, Geoapp), followed from the technology (iBionet and Sisma) and to the humanistic and training (Laborplay and Ebico).

The presentation was organized by the university services center for the exploitation of research. The projects were evaluated by a committee that awarded Ecodream for the business idea, focused on the production of handbags and accessories through the use of recycled materials, with particular attention to the design of the object.

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