Instruments Design

Infrasonic Sensors

20 April 2016

iTem develops and sells infrasonic sensors (iTem-prs) designed for various applications. The easiest and cheapest way to detect infrasound waves produced by different sources: volcanoes, snow avalanches, pyroclastic flows, calving fronts, ...

iTem srl develops software for management and processing of data.

The main characteristics of iTem sensors and instruments are the low-power consumption and their resistance to severe ambient conditions.

The iTem-prs Series of infrasound sensors are designed for easy field deployment, low power consumption and robust weather sealed construction.

The iTem-prs Series has low noise, wide frequency bandwidth and covers varying ranges of excess pressure.

The iTem-prs Series has been used and tested in different hostile environments and for various applications, from monitoring volcanoes, snow avalanches, pyroclastic flows and calving fronts.

The reliability of a medium/high sensitivity range together with the low price makes iTem-prs Series a tough and accessible pressure sensors for a wide spectrum of users.

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